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My services are a combination of writing (including book-length manuscripts), hands-on graphic design and website development, plus direct marketing and sales services and support. The latter services can run the gamut from full-cycle marketing and sales program management to receiving delegation of tasks that no one in your organization currently has the time or energy to address. My passion is communication, especially communication in new and creative ways. 


All these services are built on a foundation of a BS in Business Management and more than 30 years in leadership and management roles. Distance is no issue; 90% of my work is done remotely. More of my experience can be found at


Email today for an estimate! Or just to ask questions and discuss ideas. Brainstormers welcome!

Graphic Design and Branding

Logo Design

Your company's identity is visually expressed through your logo, which, along with your company's name, is one of the main things that makes you and your business memorable.

Business Card Design

If you hand over a creative business card that makes a great impression that person is likely to show it to other people -- putting you and your brand in front of additional prospects.

Stationery Packages

Branded stationery tells clients and potential clients that your business is professional and legitimate, establishing trust while attracting and maintaining clients.

Corp Identity Packages

A well-designed corporate identity becomes instantly recognizable to its target audiences, improving customer awareness and increasing a company's competitive edge.

Brochure Design

Brochures are one of several print options companies can use as part of business or product promotion. This tool is especially important and useful for small businesses.

Event Flyers and Posters

Social media certainly helps to promote events, but it's also important to remember and implement some of the tried and tested marketing techniques that have been used for centuries.

Custom Greeting Cards

Let your organization stand out from the crowd on any holiday or special occasion with customized, beautiful greeting cards with standardized or personalized messages.

Roll-Up Banners

Trying to attract attention at a conference or trade show? Or simply wanting a clear marker for your parking lot  or office entry? Roll-up banners will catch people's eyes and draw them to you.

Postcards & Other Mail

Postcards are a low-cost solution to marketing with the potential for a high return if well-designed and well-distributed. See more details about direct mail below.

Infographics are a visually compelling communication vehicle that allows marketers  and other business people to present complex information that tells a story or transforms otherwise dry information into a captivating graphic.


Website Design and Development

Digital Strategy

"Digital" refers to the application of information and technology to increase human performance. In this case, in sales and marketing. "Strategy" is setting a course, selecting resources, and making commitments. Let's map out your digital future.

Website Design

Website design includes all the planning that goes into what the end user will see -- website architecture and menus, copy writing, colors, typography, images, layouts, calls to actions, etc. I will design your website, even if someone else will develop it.

SEO Strategy

Search engine optimization is essential because: Most users trust search engines.  Having a presence in the top positions for the keywords the user is  searching  will increase your website's trust rating. Productive SEO rarely happens accidentally.

Website Development

It’s the website developer’s job to bring the designer's mock-ups to life, including choosing the right technology to deliver the desired look, feel, and user experience in the final product. My first choice for web development is wix. I'm also familiar with godaddy's, wordpress's, and square's products and services.


Why should you re-brand your website? To change your image. To tap into a new demographic. To grow beyond your original mission. To keep up with a quickly evolving market. To re-position your company in the market. Take a look at your website. If it feels stale to you, it's stale to your clients, too.

Maintenance / Updates

Sometimes, for a variety of reasons, you may not want to call your website designer back for corrections and changes. Feel free to call me any time for help tweaking your website, your SEO, or other elements of your digital strategy. I'm always happy to help on an hourly basis, payment received at the time of service.

Sales Management and Services

The sales process can be carved up in countless ways. I prefer this 7-step process:


1. Prospecting and qualifying:  Finding potential customers and determining whether they have a need for your product or service — and whether they can afford what you offer. I can build custom prospecting lists, draft outreach emails, perform physical direct mailings, write call scripts, make warm calls, and track results.

2. Preparation:  Researching the current market and the current prospect, collecting all relevant information regarding your product or service. At this point, we begin to develop your sales presentation and tailor it to your potential client’s particular needs. 


3. Approach:  Even if you outsource all of the other steps in the process, I always suggest that an executive of the company make the approach if possible. This is the first step in the process in which you know you are interacting with a desired client. This is a good time for the prospect to interact, however briefly, with the company's top echelon. There are several common approach methods. I can coach you into the one that's best for you if desired.

4. Presentation:  This is the active demonstration of how your product or service meets the needs of your potential customer. A presentation is not necessarily a slide deck and a speech. It can just as frequently be a friendly discussion while reviewing a brochure together. And it doesn't have to be in-person. The presentation can be by phone or conference call while reviewing details available on your website. Client presentations are built on preparation and talent; don't be afraid to delegate this step to me or to someone else.

5. Handling Objections:  Successfully handling objections and alleviating concerns separates good salespeople from bad and great from good. Remember: if your prospect or client is asking questions, they're still potential buyers. It's when they stop asking questions that you should be worried. Objections should generally be handled by the person or team who gave the presentation, although they may need to involve other departments or escalate to a company executive. Still ... this is all good news ... not a problem!

6. Closing:  There are many successful closing strategies. I use different strategies for different prospects and for different products and services. I am always happy to take the lead on closing or to coach the in-house person who should be fulfilling that role. My main suggestion is to ignore conventional wisdom. We've heard the phrase "ABC — Always Be Closing." Right? Wrong. Be where you are in the sales process. There is a lot of work to do before attempting to close. Shortcuts will more often lead you to a "no" than a "yes." Be patient and do your work.

7. Follow-up:  The sale has been closed, and there is a moment for celebration, but the sales process is not yet complete. Stay in contact with customers you have closed, not only for potential repeat business but for referrals as well. Since retaining current customers is six to seven times less costly than acquiring new ones, maintaining relationships is key. It may surprise you, too, that good post-sale customer service will also decrease the need for collections and write offs. Treat your invoices as customer service vehicles, and your clients will treat them that way, too. Depending on the size of the sale, this may be a good time for your executive to step back into the process and thank your client for their recent purchase.

I am happy to perform any or all of the activities above, including training, coaching, and receiving delegation of any of the steps in the process or the tasks falling under these steps.

Marketing Management and Services

Marketing management is generally broken down into these five primary activities:


Develop marketing plans and strategies.  


Evaluate marketing program effectiveness and make corrections.  


Oversee sales, marketing, and/or customer service activities.  


Analyze data to inform operational decisions or activities, such as price setting.  


Estimate cost or material requirements through written budgets and other financial plans.

I am happy to perform any or all of the activities above, including serving in a coaching or consultative capacity or receiving delegation of any of the secondary or tertiary tasks falling under the activities above.

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