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I've been getting lots of demand for tri-fold brochures lately, which is awesome, a perfect match

of copy writing, graphic design, and strategic planning re: sales and marketing.
Please keep the brochure project requests coming!

Recent Flyers and Brochures


Mike and Bev Cole have been running their IT support business ( together for six years and are ready to expand. Their new brochure is the first of several pieces they'll be working on over the next 15-18 months as they work to develop and meet the needs of their client base, especially new clients in the small business and start-up sectors.

TESTIMONIAL:  Bob is extremely detail oriented, and not only has strong opinions to share about what would look good, but also listens to your opinions and brings it all together. We were a little surprised at some of his ideas, but allowed him the grace to go with some of them and show us what he had in mind. The final product is very attractive, particularly when you consider that our ideas conflicted at times.  Our primary methods of contact were email and phone, which worked out very well, as having to drive someplace to meet up frequently can be very time consuming.  

The end result is a beautiful brochure that we're proud to use to showcase our company.  We look forward to working with Bob on other projects in the future, as we continue to grow our business.  

---- Mike and Bev Cole, Owners, Cole Computer Services, Bonney Lake, WA

2017_12_13 - Cole Computer Services - brochure design (final final a)
2017_12_13 - Cole Computer Services - brochure design (final b)


Several professionals with practices in their own fields -- two attorneys, a mental health professional, and a financial expert -- work together to host free one-hour informational sessions with couples considering divorce. Couples are given the option of hiring one or more members of the work group as a result of their free consultations. During the course of the project, I developed a few simple infographics for them, showing their service in simple visual layouts. The last of these was accepted as a working logo for this brochure project. Unfortunately, for a variety of reasons, and despite 90 days and multiple revisions and redesigns, we were unable to complete this project together. I wish this work team good luck in all its endeavors.

2017_11_09 - Collaborative Team - brochure 3a
2017_11_09 - Collaborative Team - brochure 3b
2017_11_09 - Collaborative Team - outside  image (cropped)


The Happy Wardrobe ( is a wardrobe de-cluttering and lifestyle / clothing consultation service. The first brochure below is what I designed, including describing The Happy Wardrobe process in three easy steps. The owner preferred a more traditional tri-fold with many more words and a closer match to her existing website. I happily created her version within 48 hours, since she had a large presentation scheduled. She ended up using both brochures with stellar results.

TESTIMONIAL:  My designer was affected by a personal situation and unable to finish a project I needed in time for a presentation to a large group. It was an important opportunity for my business and I was panicking as I had no marketing collateral to take with me! I contacted Bob, who immediately jumped into action, designing a brochure for my event with a very quick turnaround. I wasn’t an easy client as I was opinionated but inexperienced. Bob gently led me through the process, providing valuable feedback and advice. He incorporated my ideas with much needed professional additions.  Bob matched my brochure to my existing website and business card, patiently explaining font choices and placement of imagery. The end result was perfect for my presentation and I was able to relax, knowing I had quality material to take with me. Bob was clear, efficient and added value. I would not hesitate to hire him again, it was a great investment in my business. 


POST-PRINTING ADDITION:  Thanks to Bob’s experience with printing, I saved money when it was time to print my collateral, which covered the costs of his services. I couldn’t be happier!

---- Erin Keam, Owner, The Happy Wardrobe, Bellevue, WA

2017_09_12 - The Happy Wardrobe - brochure 1a
2017_09_12 - The Happy Wardrobe - brochure 1b
2017_09_14 - The Happy Wardrobe - final brochure 2_Page_1
2017_09_14 - The Happy Wardrobe - final brochure 2_Page_2


Sales Assistance Extraordinaire (415-572-5336) is a professional services firm in the San Francisco Bay Area offering administrative, sales assistance, and financial investment staffing on both ongoing and as-needed bases. The owner and I shared a very easy, collaborative relationship. She was clear about her preferences from the beginning of our work together and kept her edits at a high level. During the process of creating her brochure, Jeanne added creation of a new logo and new business card to our project. A perfect graphic design project from my perspective!

TESTIMONIAL:  Thank you for all this wonderful work, Bob! I really appreciate your professional approach to the work we have done together. Your willingness to listen to me about my preferences was helpful, as were your content and design processes, which encouraged me to define those preferences and to share them with you. Working with you has been a real pleasure, the outcome better than I had hoped, and done in a timely manner (five weeks from first content draft to final brochure, logo, and business cards). Thanks for your advice on printing choices. Last but not least, I love your creativity as a copywriter and graphic designer. Reminds me why sole proprietors, like myself, hire fellow professionals to do work for us. So much better than we could do ourselves! Thank you!

---- Jeanne Gibson, Owner, Sales Assistance Extraordinaire, San Francisco Bay Area, CA

2017_12_01 - Sales Assistance Extraordinaire - brochure design (draft 1c)
2017_12_01 - Sales Assistance Extraordinaire - brochure design (draft 1d)
2017_12_06 - Sales Assistance Extraordinaire - logo (final) - cropped
2017_12_01 - Sales Assistance Extraordinaire - business cards (draft 1)


Springboard ( teaches Real Estate Agents, Investors, Builders, and Lenders how to build wealth through real estate by using traditional tools matched with non-traditional means. Based on my conversation with their operations executive, I came up with two very different event flyers. She ultimately didn't want to choose, liking them both, and used both flyers for two months leading up to their November 2017 event (

TESTIMONIAL:  I've used Bob's marketing and business services many times, each with great success, and we've been friends for several years. At Springboard, I am not directly involved in marketing, focusing on content development and delivery instead. 


I referred Bob to our Operations Director when we needed help with some marketing and collateral for a large event. Referrals, especially of friends and family, can be more trouble than they're worth. But I had no concerns about Bob's ability to deliver great service to Springboard, for which I am a principal stockholder. He's been coaching me in business and communications for years; my friend knows his stuff. 

I introduced him to our operations executive on a Thursday. Two weeks later she handed me not one but two stacks of very different flyers for the same event and said "Let's get these out." Design and production had obviously gone well and quickly. The event sign ups and attendance exceeded our expectations and I believe the great collateral made an impact. I highly suggest finding something for Bob to do in your marketing effort or business development. You won't regret it!

---- Marc Erickson, Principal, Springboard To Wealth

2017_08_14 - Springboard flyer 01
2017_08_16 - Springboard flyer 02a
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