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For larger projects and in times of peak demand, I do work with and closely supervise right-sized teams of talented freelancers. Whenever possible, though, I do all copy writing and design myself. This allows me to spend my time collaborating with my clients, ensuring their participation (if desired) and satisfaction.

Meet Some of My Clients and See Their Projects Here and Here

Cole Computer Services, Bonney Lake, WA

A Collaborative Law Divorce Work Group, Seattle, WA

Ginger Boyle, Attorney / Mediator, Seattle, WA

The Happy Wardrobe, Bellevue, WA

 Sales Assistance Extraordinaire, SF Bay Area, CA

Springboard to Wealth, Bellevue, WA

Tarah Wrenn Pottery, Shoreline, WA

Momentum by Bob Applegate allows me to bring together more than 30 years of work experience in business (and military) leadership and management, communications, technology, and finance, including two long-term salaried controllerships and a half dozen short-term controllerships on contract. Momentum also provides me with an outlet for an on-going and ever-growing passion for sales and marketing, which has extended to hands-on website development and graphic design over the past several years, after many years supervising those functions. Most recently, I have been spending 20-30% of my time copy writing after many, many years polishing my talents as a writer.

Why "Momentum by Bob Applegate"? A few years ago, one of my most loyal and productive clients said that she hired me project after project because she knew that I could and would create the needed momentum to get her projects going, regardless of department or subsidiary, to keep them on track, and to reach our agreed upon goals. At one point she said: "Bob, face it. You ARE the momentum in these projects." I've recently renamed my business accordingly as a reflection of my respect and admiration for my invaluable client, friend, and mentor.

It won't take long, as you review the list to the left, and the testimonials on my work sample pages, to recognize that I enjoy myself and excel when working with talented women. As a gay veteran of the U.S. Army, the same is true of minorities and veterans. And, last but not least, the technology- and marketing-averse. Let me un-complicate the marketing and sales, and graphic and web design, processes for you.

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